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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Your Smartphone — How Handy Is It To You?

 Waking up this morning and picking up my phone, I thought to myself "life indeed is almost revolving around this thing", holding my device to check out one or two things. I chose to dwell on my thought that moment reasoning and evaluating my very own though. You see, in our today's world technology has been on the exponential rise, not just recently but decades ago. Taking man's most precious gadget—the smart phone into consideration, we see that a whole lot of things could be done just from our comfort zone. One important aid for the smart phone is the internet which would be a talk for another day, but today we talk just about the smart phone in its entirety which will include data and the internet.

 Our mobile phones have now become a very handy life too to almost all and this inarguably is the truth I my own perspective. I believe you would agree with me on this at least if for no reason but for the single fact that you can read this article written by me which are my express thoughts wherever you are without needing me to be there with you physically to convey my message. Technically we can say that our smart phones now come with the complete package: calender, alarm, timer, note pad, to-do, calculator, flashlight. Taking it farther, the internet—basic lifeline .

 Having an internet enabled smartphone almost does it all these days. Although, data— the link between your smart device and the internet. Mostly Wi-Fi services or available via your network provider. From the comfort of your home coupled with the internet, a whole lot is achieved right there where you are! Let's look at of some simple and convenient things we do with our smartphones everyday.

Mails :

 This is a handy replacement for our text messages with the modification of file sharing. We not only convey our intended messages but also send various kinds of files via this medium be it multimedia files, documents etc.

Reminder / to-do :

  As funny as this may seem, a lot of people depend on this for completing their daily task. Timed pop up of tasks at different times of the day telling us "hello it's time" for one thing or another. Really it's so important.

Alarm : 

 A very handy tool. That discomforting wake up call we get all the time, sometimes we feel like smashing our phones, other times we just angrily get up for the day. The alarm clock is a life saver for the sleep lovers and a job saver for those who tend to go late to work. I love to call it the ultimate time keeper.

Calculator : 

 Stuck without a calculator to run your calculations at odd places? Our smartphones can handle even scientific calculator apps, so just have one installed on your device and that's all! You're all ready.

GPS : 

 Ever got lost? Or driving in an unknown destination? Get on your maps and search your location using GPS and find your way.

Video Calls :

  You want to feel much more presence while at your call ? Not just voice call but you wish to see the receiver at the other end? You mustn't need your PC for a video call, with your device's front camera and a steady internet connection and you're good to go. 

e-transactions : 

 All thanks to the leap in computer science, from the comfort of our homes we now play with cash forth and back. We pay bills, fees, cash transfer, etc. In fact, almost everything cyber can now be done using a good smart phone

Flash Drives : 

 Funny point but true, our phones don't just act as a multimedia file house anymore, they now serve as drives with recent phones coming with memory spaces as large as 16gb, 32gb and even 64gb. Obviously that comes in handy in our every day life especially this era where everything are getting into the soft copy format. 


Library :

 With copies of books coming in the soft format (PDF), our smartphones can now serve as an e-library with every book needed save in its memory.

Calender : 

 How would you feel if you skipped your spouse's birthday? Or your friend's wedding anniversary? An appointment or a date? Sometimes our busy schedules occupy our minds and make us forget special events and date. The calendar just like the to-do  list keeps all that in check and just like itsa counterparts, it is a life saver. 



Smart phones indeed have made life easier and they just keep getting better at it that I wonder if it now makes us much lazy. Originally intened to relieve us off stress but it seems we now almost are over dependent to our devices. I for one do not feel complete without my cell phone. How about you?

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