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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Wonders of Computer Generated Imagery

 As I surfed the web today, I came across some images. Images of movie act scenes, block buster movies, amazing movies, best seller movies (if I may add). These images were in form of comparison between the act scenes and the finished product (as I'd permit myself to use that) . Clear difference!

 This is a technology called CGI which fully stands for Computer Generated Imagery, commonly associated with ILM (Industrial Light and Magic, I although other motion picture visual effect company are up now I believe) and really is a thriller. When we watch movies such as Pirates of the Carribean, The Incredible Hulk, Hobbits, Lord of the rings, etc. We wonder how real these images really look and get thrilled by them.

 Well these production picture which show before and after effect will both wow you and make you laugh at how you were thrilled by converting almost nothing to the amazing figures and physiques you see in movies.

I don't believe this. Haha!

Once i thought this was massive costume and face mask.

Lol! Just how transforming? This is not fair. 

Young man jump, you ain't gonna die. 

Lol, with or without that balance rod, you'll live

This is just outrageous! HahahahahahhahahahahHahhhahh.

Wonderful transformstion.

I wonder how I'd feel acting so real with a stuffed stuff, lol.

SMH, take a look at our real life hulk. How incredible :D

On this note, I'll say Hulk was battered by Thor. Physically though.. Lol.


And you feel irritated or shocked when you see him like this in the dark cinema, you spill your coke on your dress, pour the popcorn about and disturb the peace in fret.. Now laugh at yourself.

Would you get down already! You've fooled us enough.

I give up. 

 I believe some, if not all of these either surprised you or made you laugh. Do tell us what you think about this below.

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