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Monday, 10 October 2016

My Account Was Hacked: A Getaway Social Media Lie

 Generally, hacking is seen to be a breach of privacy especially when unauthorised.

Urban dictionary says; 
 Hacking is the gaining of access(wanted or unwanted) to a computer and viewing, copying, or creating data(leaving a trace) without the intention of destroying data or maliciously harming the computer.

Hacking has it's advantages and disadvantages also(which we will not go into details today), and in fact we now have authorized schools of ETHICAL hacking. Generally when the knowledge is used negatively or for personal gain, it's termed "Black Hat Hacking" and when authorized or positively used It is termed as "White Hat Hacking." Sadly, the negative use of hacking has been on the rise and almost becoming prevalent especially in this era of social media boom. Media such as facebook, tweeter, instagram, imo, line chat, etc are commonly used among individuals to reach a larger audience.

On our topic today, Take for Instance a super star celebrity on facebook who is found doing some nasty and uncultured stuff on his account or fan page and is later question on why such was done, he or she claims... "that wasn't me, my account was hacked," some go ahead to make a public apology with the claim of being hacked and some don't. But the question remains.. were they really hacked or was it intentional just to cause a stir or gain global attention once again? You are aware that things like this do pull global attention e.g a celebrity nude leak. There are countless number of times, occurrences such as this occurs with celebrities and countless times have they come out to us with the phrase "that wasn't me, my account was hacked" , once again all thanks to Black Hats who have now made themselves available cover ups for certain misconduct on social media for the fact that we can no longer tell if their claims are true of false —although on the long run, professionals Snoop around until the truth perhaps or something like the truth is found out (haha!)
 Speaking from observation, most people tend to employ the "get away" lie when things go out of control just like wildfire. In the beginning they drop the bomb shell and lay low, watch as the flames escalate and when beyond control, they are out like they know nothing about it (if they really don't). Once a guy claimed on a social media group that he committed an offense and advised other guys to try it out, at first he was waved off as a joker but he kept at it. 3 hours later he was on the web, on various blogs and news site, then he knew the joke had blown out of proportion and then the infamous phrase "my account was hacked" sprung up. Too late for the dude I believe. He's ruined his name already.
 Black hat hackers still exist too, never think they don't and this is a very serious crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). Sadly black hat activities have been on the increase. My point here is that they are now used as excuses whenever a mishap blows strongly out of proportion on social media. Unauthorised account access still remains a criminal offense and you are advised to keep away or desist from such act.

Disclaimer: This is a public notice to say that not every case in which the phase "my account was hacked" or any similar statement to it being used is not true. Black Hats still exist and could still do what was said above. Myinfospring will not be held responsible if the content of this article is used wrongly by any individual. Thanks! 

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