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Saturday, 1 October 2016

I Anticipate The Whatsapp "Like" Feature Someday

 Which whatsapp update do you anticipate the most?

 Personally speaking, I observed that  whatsapp has been making encouraging updates which gives users more flexibility with the use of the app. Notable updates over time includes;
  • Voice calls,
  • Location share,
  • Multiple message forwarding,
  • Reply specific messages,
  • Document share,
  • Link preview, etc. 
 So with all these already on ground, which feature do you think will come next? I have possible guesses such as "message like"  and "video call" . Personally I'd bank on the "message-like" feature.

 I really would love to suggest that feature to whatsapp developers. When I chat with friends on whatsapp group or personal messages, I do fine the need to "like" a particular comment made by an individual, you know, Just like facebook but then I recall I'm not on facebook and just reply to that statement with a "thumbs-up". I both hope and wonder if there could be this update anytime soon - don't you think?  perhaps the icon should be found just somewhere at the top of the screen when we highlight that particular comment we'd love to like.

 And when a comment is liked, it should appear just as it does when a message is "starred", and the person at the other end somehow gets notified that their message was "liked" by you. 

 This may sound wonderful to some and quite unnecessary to others but to me, I do expect this some day and hope that day does arrive perhaps. 

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Note; this is not to certify that the content of this article is whatsapp's next update, it is just a suggestion. I would not be held liable if this discussion is used wrongly. Please take note! 

 What's your take on this? Tell us which update You would love the most on whatsapp. Use the comment box below. 

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