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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

25 Both Amazing And Terrifying Sea creatures.

 Today! We talk about sea creatures, we look at 25 both terrifying and scary sea creatures. Some that will make you really surprised and others that may disgust you.

1. The Goblin Shark.
Sometimes caught by fishing boats, not much is known about them. It has a prominent snout and retractable jaw and long razor sharp teeth.

2. The Dragon Fish.

Found in the Lower sea level. Although it starts it's life on top of the water as an egg, as it gets older, it gets to the depths of the see and as an adult, it's able to produce it's own light which is known as bioluminascence. It's razor sharp teeth makes it a very frightening creature.

3. The Frilled Shark.

 A rarely seen shark that lives in the Antarctic and Pacific Oceans. Moves like a snake when it sees a prey and swallows it's victims whole when close enough. Thankfully humans are not close enough to be it's prey.

4. The Vampire Squid.
This creature has the larges eyes of any creature in the world (proportionally speaking). Found in the depths of the sea and does not get it's name because it sucks blood with its tentacles—they are rather weak. It's gets its name from its red eyes and cloak like webbing.

5. The Big Red Jellyfish.
This huge creature can grow well over 3ft and is very rare. Instead of using tentacles, this type uses fleshy feeding arms to capture it's prey.

6. The Giant Squid.
 A legend for a long time because it was rarely ever seen by humans. It lives below the waves and its only predators are sperm whales. The two are very famous for their fights. This is not the kind of creature that you would not want to find under water.

7. The Blob Fish.
 Lives deep in the waters of Australia and New Zealand and lives almost 4000ft below sea level. Since humans cannot get that far into the sea you won't need to bother about seeing this one.

8. The Coffin Fish.
 Looking like a pink Spike covered balloon and by appearance it seems to look like a cross between a puffer fish and an angler fish. They hunt deep below the sea and catch their prey using a fleshy protrusion same way an angler fish does. When threatened, they are capable of puffing themselves up to scare away enemies just like the puffer fish.

9. The Giant Isopod.
 Permanently stuck to the bottom of the ocean. Lives in the cold dark water of the Atlantic Ocean and the Artic circle, looks like a crab and bigger in size.

10. The Stargazer.

 A very creepy creature, got it's name because it's eyes and mouth are located at the top of its head. It buries it's head in the sand to attack it's prey when they swim by. Some species are electric and shock it's prey as they swim by, sometimes the shocks can be lethal.

11. The Camara.
 Previously found around the ocean, today they are mostly confined to deep water. They have the body of a shark and the mouth of a crocodile, luckily they no longer come to the water surface.

12. The Amphipod.
 No longer than an inch, this tiny crustaceans lives deep in the Pacific. Some species however can grow a foot in length and are like a cross between a lobster and a cockroach. 

13. The Pacific Black Dragon.

 Because it's prey are always bioluminascent creatures, it's stomach is designed in a way that prevents light from radiating through.It can easily sneak up on its prey without them even knowing. It actually look like a black garden snake. 

14. The Dumbo Octopus. 

 Got it's name from the elephant in a Disney movie. Though not so terrifying but so strange looking. 

15. The Angler Fish.
 Got it's name from the way it hunts, It used a fleshy protrusion from the top of its head to lure prey, once they're close enough it uses it's razor sharp teeth to eat the unlucky creature. 

16. The Gulper Eel.
 One of the strangest and scariest sea creatures. It's mouth is so large making it able to swallow creatures that are larger than it. It's razor sharp teeth allows it to chew it's prey if necessary. 

17. The Snaggle Tooth. 
 One very ugly creature, having a jagged, uneven razor sharp teeth making it look very treating. It is bioluminascent which makes it very easy to hunt it's prey. 

18. The Hatchet Fish.
 This looks like a hatchet and so got it's name from that. It's eyes are located on top of its head which allows it to catch food that falls from above. Found only at the depth of the ocean. 

19. The Barrel Eye. 
 Odd looking creatures looks like the hatchet fish as they have eyes on top of their head to catch their prey. What makes them so unique is the transparent dome on top of their head that protect their eyes

20. The Grenadier.

A very abundant bottom dwelling fish, Infact they make up 15% of the deep sea polulation. It's razor sharp teeth is a force to recon with. 

21. The Blue Ringed Octopus. 
 At first glance, this creature looks quite pretty. However, it's actually one of the most dangerous creatures in the ocean, it's venom is extremely potent and since there is no anti venom you'll want to steer clear off this creature. 

22. The Mega—mouth Shark.
 Very rare sea creature. Because it is rarely seen, no scientific fact about this creature. With its gaping mouth, It can swallow it's prey whole. 

23. The Viper Fish.

 During the day, this fish stays in the deep water, at night it travels to the surface. Since they cannot survive in captivity, not much is known about them except that they are very scary looking. 

24. The Black Swallower.
 Also known as the great Swallower. What makes this creature scary is it's ability to consume and digest. This relatively small creature can eat and digest prey that is over 10 times it's size. 

25. The Gigantic Sunfish.
 The fish can grow up to 9ft long and can weigh over 5000lbs. The sunfish some divers came across was large enough to easily inhale a grown man. Luckily this type of fish didn't eat humans.

 Wow! How amazing. What do you think of these? Feel free, share your views. 

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