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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Know More About Business Networking

What is business networking?

What does “networking” actually mean? 
   When we think of the term “networking”, sites like Facebook pop into our mind. However, the definition of “networking” stretches far beyond Facebook. It entails the exchange of information and services amongst individuals, groups or any other kind of businesses in order to result into productive relationships.

Being aware of its definition, how do we apply “networking” on our daily lives? We need to think about creating new contacts that will ultimately result into beneficial partnerships. Consider going to meetings, incentives and other social gatherings; these are all great environments to begin your network creation!

 You might be wondering why it is important to do business networking in the first place.
 Well, numerous businesspeople believe it is the best way to obtain more clients; it is basically a PR technique that doesn’t drain your wallet. Business networking can be done in many ways; even on the Internet. Online social networks play an important role for institutions these days; everyone seems to have a Facebook or a Twitter account. Even job search aggregators such as neuvoo have become a viral form of networking in the sense of having job posts displayed to millions of people worldwide. Now companies are able to recruit anyone they want by not having to do actual physical search.
Basically, all these social networks bring companies and people close to one-another; in the 21st century, it is almost unimaginable to consider operating without the use of the online world.

Now that you know what business networking is, consider trying it for yourself! Here are a couple of useful tips to get you started:

  • Remember to be yourself. Being able to create a bridge of trust between you and others will come a long way when you want to create a business circle.
  • List your goals and make sure to transmit them properly to your networking circle (e.g. in networking meetings). 
  • Attend many gatherings and join groups that are relevant to your business networking style. 
  • Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! It is the best way to become visible to other people and help the community.
  • Ask questions and be interested in what other people have to offer.
  • Become a resource of good ideas, suggestions, solutions, etc.
  • Be clear on what you do and why you do it! 
  • Follow-ups are important; remember to respect people and as such, your referrals will grow.
  • Call people and receive calls in return.
  • Become a good Samaritan. This means approaching people even though you don’t know them. Introducing yourself to other people means introducing yourself to potential opportunities!
 Finally, it is important that you build a good reputation for yourself. Keep your promises and be consistent in the things you say. Follow-up on your e-mails and calls; do not ignore people. The main goal of networking is to obtain pieces of information, which in turn, will help you to grow your circle and become the best in your respective career field.
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By: Andrra Berisha, 
Business Administration in Hospitality Management, 
Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland.

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  1. Sanguine persons are the best networkers by virtue of personality traits, everybody else should strive though to reach out and make new acquaintances


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