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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Here are ways to relieve yourself of those aches when you type for long.

 The fingers are very important part of our hands, they are very important being where they are - attached to the palm (of course you agree and I shouldn't even be telling you this). Anyway, in the last decade, typing has been on the increase and so has the use of our fingers. We live in a digital world now and so everything that was once written now has to go in text format such as pdf, doc, docx, txt and so on, all done with our precious little fingers.
 On the average, my keyboard word counter tells me I type an average of 7 - 8k words per day. I guess that's a whole lot of typing, talking of words alone and not letters, that's a whole more lot of finger tapping.
 Generally, writers, journalists, bloggers and  internet surfers are always either on their phones or PC striking their various keyboards for long period of hours at a stretch.

 Do you wonder if they ever feel fired or fatigued in the hands? Yes we do and here are various points of aches due to over typing ..

 Generally, aches begins little by little around the phalanges' joints (especially thumb if you text a lot with your phone) and then crawls up the wrist joint (radiocarpal joint), still up the arm,aches being felt in the lower part of the arm, up the elbow and finally sholder and neck region.

 Here are some tips to help get rid of aches due to excessive typing either with your computer or smart phone 
  • Exercise your arm : too much typing leads to fatigue of musclesresponsible for movement of the fingers therefore giving your arm some exercise get you back just fine. Light exercises that involves tensing and relaxing of the muscles such as holding on to any solid frame, pushing and pulling yourself away from it so as to stretch the muscles in other directions rather than the usual.

  • The wall stretch: It is great for stretching out the shoulder,arm, wrist, and hand all at once. Extend the arm along a wall, with arm parallel to the floor and palm facing the wall. Attempt to open chest so that shoulders areperpendicular to arm. Extend fingers and palm away from wall as much as possible. Hold for about 30 seconds or more. Try with the arm at different angles. Repeat on other side.

  •  Doorway stretch: This stretches the pecs and shoulder. Hold elbow at or around right angle, and place forearm along door frame, as shown. Lunge forward, keeping chest and pelvisfacing squarely forward. Hold for about 30 seconds. Try holding arms at different angles.Repeat on other side.
  • Simple stretch: This simple move works all the time, Just perfect for short reliefs

  • Direct Massage : Massaging hurting muscles is just as peaceful as soaking yourself in a warm bath after a hard day's job. It gets you all fired up, and kicking. Applying balm can also be used to soothe aching muscles during massage.

  • Try Other Methods : There are other methods for imputing words, suggestions of mine includes; activating prediction for mobile devices mainly, try out some swipe keyboards and also try using voice activated software.
  • Take a Break : Leave your typing desk for a while, do there things, so as to flex your muscles, this helps alot too. When you do other stuffs like chores, playing tennis or whatsoever, you exercise your muscles which makes the ache go away.
  • Have Enough Rest : This is as simple as it is, simply rest! 
 I believe these tips will help us all in relieving ourselves from the discomfort of typing for too long. Always remember that there is always a side effect to everything done in excess, use the keyboard when you have to and when symptoms of stress due to excessive typing begin, do well to take a rest.

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